in Tourism Connector

Tourism is a business made of people and sustained by a network of partnerships.
Our solution improves the business and the tourist's experience.

The concept

Tourism is a growing business, where tourists are
looking for experiences and willing to explore new activities.

Technology, mobile and IoT, is everywhere and used by everyone.

But tourism has always been a business made of people.
Tourists are looking for different cultures, wishing to meet new people, available to be advised and guided by local people.

Tourism is sustained by a network of connected people!

That's why, to improve the business itself and the tourist's traveling experience, we've developed our solution.
InTourism where our experience and proven technology is an added value.

Benefits for all

Small Companies, Activities Providers

Gestools is a cloud-based management tool with an integrated booking system.

Manage your company and keep your availability under control, while your sales run on the Internet and through your partners.

Lodging Units, Hotel Groups

Your guests want to explore your surroundings and perform different kinds of activities.

Help them find the right providers, become their local advisor and share the benefits while you get to know them better.

Consolidators, Regional Entities

With an organized catalog of providers and services in your region, you can easily add your value with instant access to descriptive information, prices and availability.

Use this catalog to create your own promotion and selling platforms, improve your response to your clients.

Different Needs, Different Approaches

Small companies, hotel groups or regional-wide entities,
all can draw benefits from our solution.

Match your requirements and investment availability to one of the following business models. We are flexible to adjust ourselves to your organization profile and available to partnership in different levels with your grow strategy.

  • Cloud Account
  • single providers
  • a single company account on a cloud service, providing management and booking tools
  • no upfront investment
  • small monthly fees
  • open API for integrations
  • Get Started
  • Cloud Solution
  • collective infrastructure
  • complete, independent deployment in a cloud infrastructure
  • unlimited companies
  • personalization
  • shared services
  • business networks
  • Get Started

  • On Premises
  • private solution
  • complete deployment in a private datacenter, fully integrated with organisation internal systems
  • total personalisation
  • on-demand developments
  • fixed-cost license
  • Get Started

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